Legendary Concern

We care. To put it simply, we just care about you and about your experience with us more than our competition does. We consider clients like family. That means that we won't lie to you, or jack up the price on you.

Our commitment to sharing our concern is this:

  1. We don't belittle our clients.
    You may not have very much experience with computers and this may mean you do some things that might make us laugh. We won't be laughing at you. We have ALL made stupid decisions surrounding technology. It's not a sign of our intelligence, it's a sign of our experience. (Or lack thereof.)
  2. We care when bills get large.
    Our advice to clients always considers what a computer is worth. We bill by the quarter hour. This means that little problems get little bills and big problems get big bills. This way you don't get saddled with a large bill for something that took us 5 minutes to fix and the average bill for our clients is lower.
  3. We answer the phone when you call.

    Since we understand what it is like to wonder what's up, we don't resent you calling to get a status update. If you are curious, just call and we'll let you know what is going on with your computer. It's not a bother. If you were concerned, then we are too.

We hope that makes your experience better. If we fail you in any way on these please contact us and let us know so we can improve in the future.