Legendary Service

Have you ever had an experience that was worth writing home about? Our goal is to deliver that kind of service every time.

Our commitment to providing you great service is this:

  1. We have a lot of experience.
      We deliberately look for technicians with experience. We've found over the years that nothing makes up for experience.
      We remove viruses from computers every day. We deal with networking problems every day. We are building new computers daily.
      This translates into hard-earned know-how that eliminates rookie mistakes. This way you can be sure that your service will be performed better than if you hired a teenager and expected him to know how to do something that he has never done before.
  2. We take care of your technicians.
      We know how our competition pays and treats their employees. There are companies paying their employees fast-food pay and expecting to have expert technicians. We know better.
      We try to show our technicians that we care and have found that makes them more likely to show you that they care.
  3. We are very cost-conscious.

      We know the value of a used computer and are very sensitive to large bills. It doesn't make sense to spend more than a computer is worth to repair it.
      While we don't often say that we can't fix something, it is very often that something isn't worth repairing.

We hope that these things make your experience better. If we fail you in any way on these please contact us and let us know so we can improve in the future.