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Laura was extremely professional and a pleasure to talk with... that first impression can take you a long long way.
-Wally Smith, City Publications

Legendary Computers has been a lifesaver! I am self-employed and work out of my home, so I have no IT Department I can call when something goes wrong. When I've had questions or, even more importantly, when my computer died, I called Legendary Computers and they were able to help me immediately. Not only are they experts in their field, they are also experts at explaining what the problems are, and what your options are. They are pleasant to work with, and I wouldn't take my business anywhere else!
-Ginger Cookson, Spring Hill, TN

I need to share a story about Mitch Comstock and Legendary Computers - I own a small business, and know enough about computers to get myself in trouble. When our business was about a year old we added a central server hosting our own website and email.

Being a "all-sufficient" business owner I had installed the server and email exchange myself. After several months I started noticing some suspicious activity in our email system, but the diagnosis of the problem was WAY over my computer skills. So I called on someone I knew I can trust - and that was Mitch at Legendary computers.

And here's where the story really gets good, after spending about 15 minutes with Mitch on the phone explaining my situation to him, he was honest enough with me to tell me that at that time he couldn't help me. But he didn't stop there, he actually referred me to another computer company that specialized in Microsoft Exchange.

I've often heard Mitch tell people "that if they have computer problems, he's got computer solutions". And as I found, Mitch has enough character and integrity to offer me a solution that is not even with his company - this is a quality that is rarely found in business today! Way to go Mitch and Legendary Computers!!
-Keith Wainauski, Farmers Insurance

Taking a very sick computer in for repair is like having a very ill pet. You want the Vet to drop everything, diagnose the problem and tell you the steps that will be taken to restore it to health.

If you have ever had a serious problem with your computer which put you at risk of losing your pictures, financial documents, family history, business things, and all of the other valuable and irreplaceable files stored, then you know the frightening feelings that we had after we realized that our virus protection had somehow been disabled and our computer was acting very strange. Unfortunately, we had never been good at backing things up.

Mitch, with his 20 plus years of experience, keenly sensed our anxiety and fear when we arrived with our computer at Legendary Computers early one morning with no appointment. He calmly assured us that he and his technicians would get on it immediately and would keep us informed. We could tell immediately that he was taking a personal interest in our unique situation. In other words, great "bedside manner".

We have had similar situations in the past and been told the same things by other computer specialists which did not transpire. Mitch's firm, however, did exactly what they said they would do and we were very pleased and relieved when, a couple of hours after leaving his office, we both received a phone call from him telling us that our data had all been saved and backed up. He also gave us a detailed overview of the next steps and procedures that he and his technicians would take to completely clean the viruses and restore our computer.

To top off an outstanding and timely repair experience, we got the further benefit of Mitch's extensive knowledge when he took a lot of his time patiently educating us as to all of the methods available to back up, as well as the pros and cons of each, so that we were able to make the right decision based on our specific needs.

Simply put, we had a great experience that could have been a nightmare. Mitch, Laura, Marcus, and Jordon are all very knowledgeable, patient, sensitive, and just a pleasure to deal with.
-Robert and Raymonda, Spring Hill, TN

The system is blazing fast and great. I really appreciate your service!
-Bob Duncan, Brentwood, TN

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