An IT Industry Problem: Snake Oil for Sale

An IT Industry Problem: Snake Oil for Sale

Have you ever found yourself faced with the challenge of staying credible in an industry that has a sagging reputation? I sure have. Likewise, the IT industry is full of big promises and yet most fail to deliver. For example, many just lie about who they work for and what they are going to do for you. (Have you had this call from Microsoft yet?)

IT Industry Salesperson

That reality makes it hard to stay credible. I don’t mean that it is hard to keep a high degree of quality in our own work. What I mean by this is that it is hard to stay a trusted adviser when the market is filled with liars.

We are all lied to so much that we find it hard to believe anyone. We don’t just distrust the individual who lied to us. They are representatives of anyone “like them.” In this case, it condemns the IT Industry as a whole profession.

Market Skepticism

We are all too familiar with this kind of skepticism. I have it myself. It can be very hard to trust car salesmen, lawyers, television pastors, and anyone selling anything via email.

Like many others, the computer industry is filled with those who only want your money. Unfortunately, that is a reality that I can not change. Because of this, however,  I can make sure I act differently.

Here are the three things I’m trying to do to be different.

First, I am trying to listen more. I have found most salesmen only listen to figure out what the highest priced product they can sell you. I am trying to truly listen to needs even if I am not the one who can meet them.

Second, I am making an active decision to be extra careful with my own marketing efforts to avoid claiming we are best.I do think our techs are some of the best in the computer industry, but I have found those who scream the loudest often have the least “value” and wind up being the highest cost.

Last, I am working hard to improve my follow through. I know the slimiest actors barely return calls once the check clears. We are trying to take the extra time to make sure we finish what we started.

Hopefully these help to set us apart, but I get why others struggle to “trust” us. What are you doing to give your profession a better reputation? Maybe we aren’t the best IT company in the whole world, but we are trying to give the IT Industry a better reputation.

All that being said, if you are interested, my snake oil cleans itself, will make your secret crush fall deeply in love with you and cures hemorrhoids. Give me ALL your money and I will be glad to prove it. (DISCLAIMER: The link goes to a page for our Forever Technology Program, which is not snake-oil, but we do like the program a lot.)

Leave a comment I would love to learn from your experience.

“To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.”

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Mitch Comstock is the founder and CEO of Legendary Computers, a computer repair and service company in Franklin, TN. Legendary Computers serves Williamson County and Nashville including Brentwood, Cool Springs, Antioch, and Spring Hill and offers on-site computer service, remote computer assistance, and in-shop computer repairs for both residential and small business customers.
Mitch has spent the last 25 years helping small business owners with technology. When he’s not working to improve his own business, Mitch draws on his extensive small business knowledge and expertise to help other business owners improve their companies. Mitch lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with his wife and their 4 sons.

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