About Us

The idea for Legendary Computers was formulated in the minds of Misti and Mitch Comstock while newlyweds in Ohio in the early years of the 21st century. The basic desire was to find a way to have Misti stay home with their hopefully soon to be children.

Mitch had been building computers for decades and after much discussion they felt like they needed to move to start a business helping others solve their computer problems.

In the initial search they were looking for something on the east coast, in a top fifty market city and a place with good traffic patterns. This pushed their search to just a few cities and the Nashville market won out over many other cities because of the hospitality of it's residents and the friendliness of it's climate.

At that point they made arrangements to move, hoping to finish the transition in a year and wound up making the move less than three months later. At first Misti worked while Mitch was a stay at home dad with their oldest son. Working one day a week fixing computers. Over the first few months we kept meeting people and fixing computers until Mitch worked 2 days a week and then three and then full-time. Before long we were adding contractors to help out with the workload and continuing to grow adding more help as demand required.

Fast forward a decade or so and you have Legendary Computers as it is today. A small computer repair shop that does everything we can for our clients. The Comstock's have grown since then and Misti has finally been able to stay at home with their children which now includes four boys, the youngest of which are twins.

The reason we decided to serve you was to improve our family. We hope it helps you improve yours as well.

If you have something to say send us some feedback. We're always interested in what you think.